Earth Moons: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


Earth reminds us that everything needs a solid foundation. These foundations may go through changes and revisions in 2019 (Earth - Capricorn - South Node - Eclipses). What served as a foundation in the past may no longer hold true or resonate now.

Learn more about the Earth signs below as a way to connect with their unique signature energy each lunar cycle. New Moon seasonal times for each earth sign are mentioned as well.

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Exploring the energy of the moon in earth signs is a way to get grounded and work towards bringing dreams into form.

Earth is home and body and food.

It can take the form of a stable mountain. Fields of flowers. Or the shifting sands of time.

Earth offers a container for life. Without it we are formless. The Earth element expresses the cycle of life through the season and brings nourishment in a multitude of forms.

The moon connects us with wise and loving Mother energy. Known as a “personal planet” in astrology, the moon represents the inner child, the inner world, moods and emotional needs, and shows us how we feel at home with ourselves and in the world.

In astrology there are three earth signs that the sun, moon, and all the other planets travel through: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

If your natal moon sign is one of the earth signs, observe when and how you feel most at home.

TAURUS: Earth Body

My life is garden where all the senses are awakened.

Steady and deliberate, what is the rush?

Devoted to the sustaining abundance that comes from work and play.

Have your cake and eat it too (probably you made it from scratch and are sharing it with beloved friends)!

Slow down for the New Moon in Taurus in April/May. This fixed earth sign, blooms with Spring and possesses the determination and resources to manifest what is aligned with core values.

VIRGO: Earth Rhythms

My life is an ecosystem devoted to wellbeing.

Keep resetting your rhythm to serve the highest good.

You reap what you sow, so get in formation!

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Get organized for the New Moon in Virgo in August/September. This mutable earth sign, goes inward with Fall and cycles with change to bring healing through discernment and attention to detail.

CAPRICORN: Earth Structures

My commitment is to legacy, life-long learning, and living by example.

If I seem restless, it’s because I need another mountain to climb!

Foundation and tradition create cohesion and continuity.

Beware! The structures you create may be a wall protecting the secret garden of the heart.

Plan ahead for the New Moon in Capricorn in December/January. This cardinal earth sign, comes out of the darkness of Winter to teach us to continue on the path and know the spiritual meaning of worldly success.

Earth Moons Every Month

Since the moon spends about 2.5 days in each zodiac sign, we have an opportunity to connect with the energy, gifts, and lessons of each of the signs of the zodiac every single lunar cycle.

3 Earth Moons x 12 months = at least 36 Earth Moons a year. Plenty of time to get real and get down to business!

Here is a review of some Moon apps to help you follow what sign the moon is in and where the moon is in the sky.


ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Find your natal moon sign and phase: Personalize the Moon.

Creative Process: Check out the Lotus Moon Mandala class in the shop. This lesson will help you connect with the earth - both the mud and the lotus to create your own mandala.

Deepen your connection with earth moons by charting your journey on the New Moon Calendar Journal.

Book a Moonstory Session to connect with the lunar cycle as a path to honoring the phases in your life right now. Get clarity on what to focus on. Deepen your relationship with your natal lunar phase and connect with the season and element of your moon sign.