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This is a beautiful and incredibly useful tool for tuning into natural cycles. I use my moon calendar to watch the big movements and shifts of my energy and experience—the ones that I can often forget to notice as I move through day-to-day life.

When I’m tuned in this way, I find my life has a rhythm to it and I can move through it more easily and connect more quickly with my own knowing and intuition.
— Susan F.

The moon has always marked the passage of time

New Moon Calendar Journal Lunar Moon Mandala Wall Calendar 2019 #themoonismycalendar
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Your lunar calendar ... has been very instrumental in my journey of transformation.
I learned about myself and love myself more and appreciate the power of visualization and manifestation.
— E.L.

Connect + Create

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By tuning in to the expansion and contraction of the moon, you can learn to put fewer demands on yourself and not feel pressure to always be “on” like the bright light of the full moon. There is a need to retreat inward to access the source of your being, as well as the need to reach outward to nourish connections around you.

La luna reminds us that change is constant and the opportunity for renewal is available at each phase. Aligning with lunar time can help the body, mind, spirit, and breath remember it's rhythm of growing to fullness and letting go to emptiness.


Join THE MOON IS MY CALENDAR and special guest Melissa Fernandez to share her artwork on the cover of the 2019 edition of the New Moon Calendar Journal!

Listen to this conversation about trusting the process with April and Melissa as they talk about aspects of the story behind the creation. Explore the depths of the creative process, naming different phases of the process and the transformational power of images and collage.

#themoonismycalendar THE MOON IS MY CALENDAR
The Moon is my Calendar. What a beautiful offering. Since I first got it in the mail, I knew this item was crafted specially for me straight from the bottom of another moon lover’s heart! The first thought that came to mind was: I wish I had this tool when I was a lost teenager spending most of my nights alone gazing at the moon, knowing that she and I had a thing, but Her mystery was too grand to fathom.