Lunar time is connected to cycles and the energetics of expansion and contraction. It acknowledges change, impermanence and the spiral nature of the universe. It’s both mystical and practical.

THE MOON IS MY CALENDAR began with the longing to connect more deeply with inner and outer cycles. The seeds for the New Moon Calendar/Journal incubated in Casa Amor, where April and Sita met on the new moon for many years to set intentions, reflect on the previous lunar cycle, and support each other's growth and transformation.

The New Moon Calendar/Journal, was born out of a vision to create a beautiful and simple tool for women to connect with their physical, emotional, and creative selves within the context of the phases of the moon. The first calendar was self-published on the Winter Solstice new moon of 2014 and has grown exponentially for there! 



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Founder, author, mother, artist, and entrepreneur

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Lunar facilitator, creative catalyst, collaborating author and artist


April is the founder of THE MOON IS MY CALENDAR. She is also a visual artist, mama, teacher, and creative lunar coach. Her work reflects her passion for nature-based cycles, personal mythologies, and symbolism. April has more than fifteen years experience working in education as a classroom teacher, workshop facilitator and program coordinator at home and abroad. She loves to support people on the path to growth and transformation. 

April's formal education includes a B.A. in Art History from UC Santa Cruz and an M.A. in Teaching from SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, VT. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a mother of two daughters. If you would like support accessing the wisdom of the moon in your life, contact April for a Moon Tracking Consultation



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