Knowing Your Cycle


The energy of the new moon is said to parallel the energy of menstruation and the season of winter. It's a time of stillness, a time for the body to release, reset and rebuild. Is it more 'natural' to bleed on the new moon? 

The energy of the full moon can feel more active, outgoing and parallel the energy of ovulation and the season of summertime. Does this mean that all women should ovulate on the full moon? I don't think so, do you?  Women's bodies are often seen as problems that need to be fixed or controlled. Moon blood arrives on the phase of the moon that responds to what needs to be expressed through each woman in that moment.

The moon is a reflective mirror in the sky that pulls you outward and back inward again. To know your cycles means to know your version of filling and emptying - nourishing and releasing. How each of us embodies the rhythms of the moon is unique, and how we experience menstruation may change from one month to the next. When you track your menstruation on the New Moon Calendar Journal you begin to see how the multiple cycles overlap and intersect at different points.  

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For most of my teens and twenties I had not idea whether I was ovulating or about to bleed. The surprise and stress that came from not knowing my own cycle created so much chaos in my life. Did I not know how to tune in to my body? Was I too busy to be bothered with counting days? Whatever the reason I didn't track my menstrual cycle meant that didn't have access to what the writer, menstrual maven, and creatrix Lisa Lister calls a fiercely powerful code. Her books, Love Your Lady Landscape and Code Red, completely reframe the conversation around how women access their wisdom and superpowers by tuning into their cyclical nature. Her work is an amazing resource!



The lunar cycle is the container that holds our experience, but that doesn't mean there is one way that every woman should experience it. Cycles are hard to track on a linear calendar full of boxes in a grid. That may be part of the reason I was out touch with how and when I bled, I didn't have the right tools. After charting my menstruation on the circular New Moon Calendar/Journal it deepened my connection to my cyclical nature. I could see that I began to bleed on the full moon, then started to flow around the first quarter moon and then moved closer to the new moon. I know it will continue to shift and change over time. 

I have 27 day cycles and I have 32 day cycles. This could be labeled as irregular, but I now see it is an opportunity to notice what influences the fluctuations in my cycle. I am more in tune with what brings more ease and what contributes to more discomfort. Rest, stillness, retreat and release are needed. Movement, self-expression, connection and pleasure are also part of each cycle. When those are out of balance, my cycle reflects that. What brings you more ease? Do that!


Where are you at in your cycle? 

Understanding your own rhythms begins with noticing and tracking. Paying attention. Finding what contributes to ease and what exacerbates pain. Sharing resources, wisdom. Honoring the decisions of other women. Connecting to expansion and contraction. Trying to not resist the flow. Since 2015 was the year that the period went public, it's much less taboo to talk about menstruation. Yet still there seems to be a 'right' way to do it. Is your story being told? When you #sharemycycle you give voice to your truth and contribute to the collective story of the yoniverse.

The moon is a part of your body, whether you bleed or not. She is a guide that reminds you of your cyclical nature: your changing phases. Exploring how you experience these phases takes tuning in and tracking the many dimensions of your emotional, physical and spiritual being. It's a relationship that deepens over time and shifts with the tides. Sharing your cycle can help illuminate a wider range of collective experiences, build more unity, support and global sisterhood.



Thank you Lisa Lister for holding space for more bloody conversations to take place #sharemycycle.

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