Moonstory Sessions are a 1:1 offering that connects you with the wisdom of the lunar cycle as a path to honoring the phases in your life right now. Get clarity on what to focus on. Deepen your relationship with your natal lunar phase and connect with the season and element of your moon sign. Open to the flow of inner vision, creation, celebration, and completion.

What is a Moonstory Session?

During our session we will journey through the four main phases of the lunar cycle to discover your unique relationship to the cycles of transformation. We will explore the cycles in your life and create a Moonstory to help guide you through the energy of each phase and the transitions in-between each phase.

Together we will create a symbolic map of your authentic expression of each phase so that you can apply it as a template to help you navigate your home life, work life, relationships, spiritual practice, and/or creative process.

Your Moonstory session will help give context to the chaos, and ground your experience in natural rhythms. This is your chance to see the big picture and fill in the details of how you transition through cycles in your life. The perspective of an eagle and the discernment of a mouse.


Is this an astrology reading? No, although this draws on the some of the principles of astrology it is not interpreting your chart. I will give you some tools and resources so that you can look more deeply into your natal moon and know the dats for your personal harvest cycle.

Do you work with tarot or oracle cards? In my personal practice - YES. Although I do not read cards for others, I encourage you to bring your own set of cards to our call. I can guide you to pull your own cards if you’d like.

How do I book a session? Choose the option you would like and click on the button below. It will take you to Moonclerk to pay and then redirect you to the scheduling page.

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A FULL Moonstory Session includeS:

Initial 90 minute session with April (video or phone)

Plus one 30 minute follow-up session to touch base and integrate the previous lunar cycle


  • A personalized hand-painted mandala based on your Moonstory

  • Your harvest cycles dates and recommendations for working with them (must be able to provide your birth time, date, and place)

  • Power Dates for setting intentions based on the harvest cycle

  • Dates for your natal moon phase returns and moon sign returns

  • Themes for each lunar cycle based on what house your natal moon is traveling through

A MINI Moonstory Session includeS:

60 minute session with April (video or phone)

Plus two BONUS of your choice listed above

You are the Moon

Everything moves in a cycle and sometimes we get stuck in one phase. Aligning with your Moonstory can help you open to the flow of inner vision, creation, celebration, and completion.

Notice if any of these statements sounds familiar…

“Sometimes I lose track of myself”

"I feel stuck in some area of my life"

"I have an idea for a creative project, but don’t know where to begin"

"I need support in letting go and making room for new possibilities"

“I want to learn more about my connection with my moon phase and harvest cycle so I can better plan my months and year”

"I love following the moon, but I have a hard time tracking all the phases"

"It's hard for me to make time for myself"

"I want to connect with my creative flow and manifest more positivity and prosperity in my life"

If this resonates with where you are at right now, I would love to work with you and support your journey of growth and transformation. Read some student/client testimonials below. Questions? email

Hosting Light - April.jpg
April is so thoughtful in her approach and provides a wonderful foundation of teachings that appeal to all learning senses. Everything she presents is done with such genuine care and creativity.
— Dinah
I am so grateful for the energy, attention, and knowledge April offered me. I am so drawn to her quiet, peaceful, and harmonizing presence.
— Julie, CO
In my session with April, she took me from feeling foggy to energized
— Kate R

The Moon Is My Calendar is an educational and informational resource for those interested in aligning with moon cycles and personal growth. It is not a substitute for working with a counsellor, health care professional, or other professional advisor. The Moon Is My Calendar shares inspiration by connecting with inner wisdom, intuition, and the wisdom of the natural world.