BEGIN with a seed. what is your heart longing for? bring awareness to what helps you create a life that is nourishing rather than depleting. perhaps this will require a shift in perspective, asking for help and receiving support you need, or expanding your capacity to serve. the lunar cycle reminds us that everything in nature goes through cycles of expansion and contraction. plant your seeds and tend to them daily.

CREATE a space for your new moon calendar journal to live. it could be near a small rug where you can sit, or on a bedside table or shelf where you can create a little altar, a chair, cushion, bench - somewhere to BE that you can return to every day. make a groove in a particular place. this will become an anchor for your personal practice.


ALLOW your personal practice to unfold into what feels most nourishing to you right now. do you need more movement or more stillness? make a note of this in your moon journal. your needs will change as you transform. often we are guided by our to-do lists - allow the lunar cycle to guide you towards your BEing-ness so that whatever you DO is aligned with your radiance.

CHOOSE one core thing to chart this month. what brings you radiance? it can be hours of sleep, a new habit like dry brushing or oil massage, eating more greens or observing your mooncenters. you may want to track caffeine intake, meditation or a daily gratitude practice. in the beginning it doesn't matter as much WHAT you chart, as it does aligning with the circular movement of the lunar cycle. shifts will begin to happen. the moon is all about transformation.


the moon is my calendar new moon mandala


WRITE one word, or several lines each day. set aside 5 minutes in the morning or evening to tune-in to your emotion and physical state. make a note in your new moon calendar using colors, symbols, or language. you may develop a shorthand for yourself as you continue to chart.

SPEAK your intentions as if they are coming true. each time you sit to write in your journal, read your new moon seeds and intentions outloud like a mantra and notice how the sound of the words registers in your body.


lunar charting the moon is my calendar new moon calendar journal


NOTICE when you feel most visionary and expansive, and notice when you feel insecure and depleted. without judgement make a note in the calendar/journal pages. we all go through a wide range of "orbits" each month. start to familiarize yourself with these orbits and chart them along with the moon. although there may not be a 1:1 connection with how you feel during each moon phase, you can understand how your own personal cycle expresses itself. 

DEVOTION works differently than discipline. it's tender and joyful rather than strict and punitive. practices like meditation that have positive effects on the mindbodyspirit can be hard to maintain over time without a devoted practice. the shift happens when you go from feeling like you 'should' do something, to connecting with the longing of why it is essential for your existence. what are you devoted to?


RELEASE what is not serving you. you don't need to wait until the full moon to let go of something that is not working. get in the habit of letting go to make room for what is emerging. keep searching for that opening, a window into something possible that previously seemed out of reach.

CONNECT with you inner cycles and see the parallels in natural cycles. moon viewing is a beautiful way to develop a personal relationship with la luna and her natural cycles. chart the days you see the moon in the sky. this is a practice that can be woven into the fabric of your life. when you notice the moon, connect with your breath and ask a question. listen, and see what answers arise. when you take the time to notice the moon and what phase she is in you are honoring the part of yourself that is connected to the cosmos, to infinity.




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