Connect with Your Inner Lunar Wisdom {Moon app Review}

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THREE Moon Apps to connect with your inner wisdom AND THE COSMOS

Apps can be incredible tools for discovery, distraction, connection, and/or convenience. It is amazing how technology and social media has the power to connect and isolate us. It's all in HOW it gets used.

The beauty of technology and digital media is to go paperless, go wireless, to know about whatever, whenever you want, and to have instant access to the entire globe and solar system at every moment. 

Yet, I wonder as I raise my children in a world that asks Siri for answers, will they learn that the answers are not outside of themselves? 


Connecting with the Moon

The wisdom of the moon cycles can help us awaken to the unknown, great mystery of life. La luna points the way in the darkness.

Starting at sunrise on the New Moon, la luna rises about 50 minutes later each day. Knowing this can help you tune-in to the lunar rhythm.

Basically the math goes like this:

50 minutes a day x 29.5 days in a lunar cycle = 24 hours

So after a full cycle of 29.5 days, the moon resets and rises again at sunrise.

A clockwork unto itself.

Allow what you seek, to bring you deeper within.

What do you want to know about the moon? and why do you want to know it?

What core feeling or need are you searching to meet?

Do you have the answer within yourself?

The following three moon apps can be a helpful starting place to connect with the movements of the moon: iLuna, Moon Pro, and Planet Finder.


iLuna app #themoonismycalendar

iLuna has a great month overview calendar that is color-coded with all the astro signs. The home page gives you the phase, the astrological sign and when the moon is going void of course. I love to see how things turn out if they are planned during a void of course moon - usually not well! Since this is about your experience and inner wisdom - use the app to see for yourself! The moon doesn't dictate your life, but it does become easier if you work with her.


Moon Pro is relatively new to me :) and I already love the simplicity. It shows you the time of the moonrise, sunrise, moon set and sunset. Sometimes when I am going through my day, I ask myself: Where is the moon right now? Often when I ask that question I check the app and see that she has just risen or set. It's like a game I play with the moon and my sensory awareness of her presence. The app helps confirm this. Also you can set the calendar as the Hebrew or Islamic calendar.

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planet finder app #themoonismycalendar

Planet Finder is fun! my kids love it. You can see where all the planets are in the sky - just the planets no background constellations. It shows who is hanging out with who. Is the Moon having an evening or morning conversation with Venus? It's a great way to see the unseen - or help fine tune your eye to see what has always been there. This app has helped me have the feeling of the planets as neighbors and unique beings on their own journey. 



Charting with the moon helps you develop your personal relationship with this guiding light and to see your own patterns. As I considered creating an app for THE MOON IS MY CALENDAR, I realized that the physical act of turning pages, of writing intentions with a pen, and seeing the flow of life in lunar time helps you embody your experience of the moon that goes beyond the experience of an app.

The moon mirrors the inner guru - the teacher that goes from darkness to light and back again. Working with the New Moon Calendar Journal is one way to bring this wisdom more intimately into your daily practice and align with lunar time.



Which moon apps do you love? Share in the comments below...

This is a widget from the Deluxe Moon app that gives a nice at-a-glance overview.

May the moon and her shadow and light helps guide you towards your inner wisdom. So that you don't forget - you are infinite!

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The 2020 edition of the New Moon Calendar Journal is available in thee shop! Order your copy today.

This simple and beautiful circular calendar and journal establishes the new moon as the starting point for each monthly cycle. By using a circular calendar you perceive time in relation to nature more clearly, and patterns in your own experience become more apparent. It provides a structure for connecting to your inner wisdom and natural rhythms.