Charting on the New Moon Calendar Journal: 4-Part Video Series



This video series is designed to walk you through the basics of charting inner and outer cycles on the New Moon Calendar Journal. May these videos help you tune into your rhythms and the guidance of the moon on her journey through the cycle and learn to honor all the phases!

Learn how charting with the moon and tuning in to this energetic wave can support your radiance, creative expression, and wellbeing. 


Learn to chart the seasonal signature of the lunar cycle so that you can connect with your energetic ebbs and flows.


Tune-into your inner seasons and the four phases of the menstrual cycle so that you can bring awareness to your "crossover" days.


Choose what to chart with the moon and how to dig deep into the "why" so that you can support your intentions. 


Identify your seeds and intentions for the new moon and discover the significance of what "house" the new moon is activating in your astrological chart.

Calendar Journal 2020.jpg

The 2020 edition of the New Moon Calendar Journal is available in thee shop! Order your copy today.

This simple and beautiful circular calendar and journal establishes the new moon as the starting point for each monthly cycle. By using a circular calendar you perceive time in relation to nature more clearly, and patterns in your own experience become more apparent. It provides a structure for connecting to your inner wisdom and natural rhythms. 

Cover artwork by Cosmic Collage

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