Whisper Moon Intro + Creative Practices

A cosmic paradox is at the beginning of all things
— Sri Aurobindo in The Life Divine

How does something come from nothing? This is the question behind the concept of zero. We may take for granted that zero exists today, but it has an fascinating history around the world.

In Buddhist and Hindu teachings there is a concept known as shuniya - zero, emptiness, openness, the void, non-reactivity. This experience of flow is possible when the mind in not in control, but is in a receptive state to access guidance. Meditation and creative practices can help us to cultivate stillness and deep listening.

In order to hear the whispers of guidance from our intuition, we must become still.

“I am not the ripple of waves on the surface, but the depths of the ocean.”

This video offers a brief introduction to theme so we can explore these creative practices together.


Now it’s your turn - What practices help you be in a receptive state. How do you access your intuition? What form do the whispers come in? Share in the comments below…


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