Meditation on Deep Listening

These two super short and powerful ways to practice deep listening can help us expand our awareness and heighten the sensitivity to the whispers of our intuition.

If you have children - these are great exercises to do together. You could even ask them to tell you what to chant. In the video and the kriya it is “Wahe Guru”… but you could say any affirmation or joyous phrase you like.


“Chanting and listening to the chant at the same time engages the higher consciousness, the circulatory system and the nervous system. When you develop this listening power, you will be able to analyze what is good for you and what is not whenever another person talks. It is a very simple way to have knowledge” 

-Yogi Bhajan

This quote comes from an article by Dev Suroop about the meditations shared in this video:

Unlocking the Power of Mantra: Deep Listening

Now it’s your turn - What did you notice? Share your experience of practicing these meditations in the comments below…


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