Hello radiant lunar being!!

This training is a long time in the making and I am so excited for you to be a part of it. Becoming intimate with personal orbits - the emotional, physical, and creative cycles you go through each cycle - is key to aligning with your radiance.

Now is the time to lead from a deep understanding of cycles and rhythms. I’m looking forward to helping you deepen your understanding of your lunar signature, lunar lens, and lunar language to bring to your life and work - as well as develop capacities to help others weave lunar wisdom into their life for personal growth, healing, and transformation. 

The four Modules develop the themes of: Rhythm, Relationship, Radiance, Release. These are designed to teach you how to connect with the moon throughout the whole cycle as a practice of awareness and presence.

We will be together for two lunar cycles as we journey through the training.

Here is the page to sign-up for your 1:1 appointment:


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The course officially begins November 7th New Moon. Each Module will be available on Sundays and you will have two weeks to work through the material. We will have a call for each module to go deeper with the material and personalize it for you.

Orientation: Knowing your WHY and connecting to your higher purpose and service. Cultivating your presence as a clear lunar channel. Looking at how you are already working with the moon, and what is on the horizon.


Module 1 Rhythm: The lunar cycle as a map for transformation

Finding the Pulse: Breathing with the Moon

Cycles within Cycles

Where is the Moon right now?

Charting Personal Orbits and Connecting with Rhythm


Module 2 Relationship: The cosmic dance of co-creation

Mapping with the Moon + Inner and Outer Seasons

The Seed Cycle and Creative Practice

Where am I right now?

Aligning with Lunar Time


Module 3 Release + Renewal: Honoring all the phases

Seeds of Intention and Seeds of Wisdom

Navigating Transitions, Space Clearing and Letting GO(DESS)

Relationship to Archetypes of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Principles (Structure + Flow)

Module 4 Radiance + Protection: Working with light and shadow

Knowing your Lunar Signature and Facilitating the Process for Others

Alignment and Holding Space

Meditations and Visualizations for Developing Radiance and Protection



One 1:1 Creative Lunar Guidance Session with April to help you craft and clarify your own lunar offering $108 value

PDF of the New Moon Calendar Journal and license to print circular calendar pages to work with clients $88 value

One free New Moon Calendar Journal and access to bulk ordering prices for 2019 moon calendars

Lunar Radiance Guidebook PDF $48 value (available at the end of the course)

4 Moon Mandala Lessons you can adapt for your personal practice or use with clients $108 value

BONUS Module: Elemental and Lunar Astrology $111 value

Optional: Have your offering listed on the Directory of THE MOON IS MY CALENDAR website


working with the New Moon calendar journal

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 11.38.59 PM.png

"Tracking my moods and cycle have been life changing. It has allowed me to see and tune into my feelings and when I need some extra self care and love."

"It's pretty incredible the way the moon's energy affects me; it's not something I truly anticipated when I started journaling. I discovered that I become incredibly irritable and short with others in the handful of days leading up to a full moon. I focus my meditative practice during that time to channel my energy towards being empathetic and patient."

"I am beginning to see that the intentions I set can manifest when I attend to them. Life really is a garden!"

"I am very hard on myself. I feel like I'm never doing enough or making any progress in the things I want to do. Through using the new moon calendar I have realized how much I go through in a cycle. I am giving myself more credit for what I do accomplish and am learning to be kinder to myself when my goals need more time. I have also seen how much of my energy I give away to others and have been making more space for what I need to nourish myself."

"At the end of the cycle I seem to automatically know what the next cycle will be "about". I've journaled for years, but it's so nice to tie it into my own natural rhythms like this. It's way more meaningful that way!"

Becoming a Moon Guide and Lunar Facilitator will enrich your practice and help you develop your own language for how you share lunar wisdom. This course will give you a framework use the New Moon Calendar Journal with groups and individuals.

Thank you for being here on this journey and for your desire to uplift others as you rise!

xo April