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Success is a process, a work in progress towards greater self-knowing and living in alignment. The New Moon Calendar Journal gives you a space to witness the unfolding of your life.

Here are some incredible success stories of this ongoing practice…


“This calendar provides a daily anchor for me to check-in and witness the ever-changing unfolding of my life. It is the great truth teller in my life. It has helped me give up coffee, adjust my sleep patterns, and gently encourage me to spend time on my spiritual practices simply by acting as a non-judgmental and gentle witness. I see how I am part of the waxing and waning cycles of the moon.”




“I just started using your calendar (recommended by two friends) to help me better understand myself to then move forward in my own evolution and finding peace. I really love what you are doing. I think many people need this kind of practice/understanding.”




“The New Moon Calendar has become my daily touchstone to observe the connection between where the lunar cycle is and how the energy shifts within me. It’s also bringing alive my capacity to use that energy in ways that encourage my planning and visioning for my personal and professional life. In just a few months I’m seeing a true value in my commitment to documenting my experience in this way.”



“I can’t tell you how excited I am to find your products!! For years now I’ve spent many hours making my own journal & calendar leading to much frustration. To find what you’ve created is absolutely wonderful and so thoughtfully designed. Now I don’t have to spend my free time crafting my journal & calendar. Making the switch to an intentional life cycle based on the Moon is challenging and even more so with the influence of the rest of my family on a Gregorian calendar. Having this tool makes it sooo very much easier and it shows to everyone that I’m not the only one doing it.” 

Many blessings & much love,

— D.P.



“Your lunar calendar ... has been very instrumental in my journey of transformation. I learned about myself and love myself more and appreciate the power of visualization and manifestation.”

— E.L.



🌙 THIS 🌙 "The Moon is My Calendar" has been one of the most influential tools in my life over the past two years. It's definitely been the most consistent of all my daily practices. At the beginning of this past winter, I completed a facilitation training that brought forward more information, understanding, techniques, and practices for aligning with lunar guidance. The moon is such a influential force and deeply connected to our subconscious and inner cycles of evolution and being. Each moon cycle I start this practice by naming my intentions of what I want to work on and/or bring into my life. There is a page to illustrate a mandala for the intentions, bringing in the creative mind to visualize what we are calling forth in our lives. I use the wheel in this practice to chart out my daily energy levels, body awareness, emotions, life themes, daily practices, self care actions, menstrual cycle and plant medicine use.