Love Notes to the Moon

These moon calendar journals are pretty kick-ass. I loved having a dedicated space to chart dreams, goals, health, daily going-ons.... and having a guide to draw my intentions, doodle my inspirations, and track what I was achieving. There’s so many things I would have forgotten about or failed to recognize if I didn’t have this gorgeous journal to chart them.
— Chelsea H., professor, mama, feminist
...It’s changed the way the shapes in my life move….round and round and spiraling with moon and me. Thank you for your beautiful work!
— Frieda Kipar Bay, Taproot Medicine
This is a beautiful and incredibly useful tool for tuning into natural cycles. I use my moon calendar to watch the big movements and shifts of my energy and experience—the ones that I can often forget to notice as I move through day-to-day life. When I’m tuned in this way, I find my life has a rhythm to it and I can move through it more easily and connect more quickly with my own knowing and intuition.
— Susan Fauman Yogini, Ayurveda nerd, Artist, and mama.
circles and cycles
I just received my calendar and am thrilled! I cannot wait to start using it next month. This is such a beautiful project that you’ve created and I found it at exactly the moment I needed it most. Thank you for sharing it with us.
— Sarah C
It is hard to count all the ways I use my moon calendar. I use it to record how I am feeling physically, emotionally, energetically and to notice trends. As I get older it is becoming a more and more valuable tool for watching my cycle. I use it to learn about Mother Moon. I use it to remind myself to prepare for the new moon and full moon for cleansing and energizing of crystals and myself.
— Tracy
One of the best gifts I received this year was the New Moon Calendar Journal. It’s been like a dear friend that I take everywhere. Each month as I record my moods, body rhythms and cycles, I’m gaining a deeper understanding of my body and it synchronicity with the flow of the universal energy. My favorite part of the calendar is the “new moon intentions” page. Each moon cycle I love pulling out my colored pencils to express my inner most feelings, thoughts and setting intentions. The new moon journal has played a big part in bringing light and inspiration into my life.
— Janine E., Yoga Instructor