During this consultation, we work with the lunar cycle and the cycles in your life to create more flow and support your personal practice. Do any of these statements sound like you?

"I love following the moon, but I have a hard time tracking with all the phases"

"I feel stuck in some area of my life"

"I have an idea for a creative project, but no idea where to begin"

"I need support in letting go and making room for new possibilities"

"It's hard for me to make time for myself"

"I want to connect with my creative flow and manifest more positivity in my life"

Having support and accountability can help you on your journey. Book a session and we will address what is asking to be transformed.


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one lunar cycle 

50 MIN SESSION This session includes questions for inquiry to deepen your connection to the lunar cycle, identifying what is asking to be transformed in your life, support for creating a personal practice, and a plan for implementing moon tracking for one lunar cycle. You will have an initial 50 minute session, and an email check-in around the following new moon cycle. In addition, you will receive beautiful follow-up notes from our conversation. 

This is a chance to connect to your inner wisdom and have the support to make a positive change in your life. There are only four spots available for 1:1 coaching each lunar cycle. Sessions are available Wednesdays and Fridays - click the link below to get started. 

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In my session with April, she took me from feeling foggy to energized
— Kate Robertson @katespin
I am so grateful for the energy, attention, and knowledge April offered me. I am so drawn to her quiet, peaceful, and harmonizing presence.
— Julie, CO

The Moon Is My Calendar is an educational and informational resource for those interested in aligning with moon cycles and personal growth. It is not a substitute for working with a psychologist, counsellor, health care professional, or other professional advisor. April Miller McMurtry is not a health care professional. Her work incorporates years of facilitation, research and experience with mindfulness, moon cycles and meditation. The Moon Is My Calendar seeks to uplift and inspire through connecting with inner wisdom and the wisdom in the natural world.