... the part of you that understands your true nature ... and connection to the cosmos


your eyes are windows 

what you shine into the world

comes from your essence

learn to create from that place


painting essence


painting essence is a way to explore source and self through art, NATURE, and mediation.


pull down light from the stars and the moon through your hands and onto the canvas

pull up energy from the earth into your hands and into the paintbrush 




tune-in to your state of being and be the observer to what flows from your intuition

listen with your body, listen with all of your senses


access what is waiting to be awakened within




"my art is the way i reestablish the bonds that tie me to the universe."


this powerful quote by the artist ana mendieta says everything to me about the drive to create. her earth-body-works made a deep impression on my understanding of place, belonging, mother nature, identity and the female body. i began figure drawing in high school and modeled for drawing classes for many years after that. those experiences helped me see myself from the inside and the outside at the same time.


without knowing it at the time, this formed a basis for my meditation practice.


i am drawn to things that keep me connected to the cycles in nature and reminders that life is an unfolding work in progress. meditation, creative process, connection to intuition and the cosmic currents get me up in the morning. and my alarm. and my daughters who need breakfast and lunches for school. and kisses. what gets you up in the morning?


life is so vast and deep, and there is always more to learn.

i'm a third generation bay area californian from irish catholic (via new zealand), english (via hawaii), and southern us roots. growing up there were a lot of john lennon records played in my home. my father is a writer, a teacher and gardener. every summer he took me and my sister to a farm along the trinity river and let us run free. this is one of the greatest gifts of my childhood. he also had a lot of e.e. cummings poetry books around - i loved to get lost in those necklaces of words on the page - hence the appreciation of lowercase letters, run-on thoughts, free association and unconventional punctuation. 

if i had it my way, all books would be illustrated. i think in images, and process experiences by creating visuals.

painting essence was born on the full moon after i returned from a creativity and kundalini workshop with hari kirin at the kripalu institute in the winter of 2016. this process was deepened and informed by original voice training in 2018 with dr. clarissa pinkola estes and her work with with creative fire.

my personal creative work is based in a transformative process that i am so happy to share beyond my brush. these trainings helped me put language to a magical process without explaining away the mystery.

thank you for being here and trusting this unfolding journey.

xox april