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Moon Mandala Circle will reopen in january

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Class One: Creativity and New Moon Mandalas

Class Two: Knowing Your Orbits and Charting with the Moon

Class Three: Supporting your Intentions and Manifesting

Class Four: Releasing and Integrating

I wanted to send you a personal email to share with you how subtle the shift is for me, with this class. Like the moon herself. Thank you for helping to ignite the light of creativity in my life. I am so grateful.
— Tara



1. Where is the moon right now? 

The moon is mysterious and sometimes hard to locate if you don't intimately know her ways. She is a beacon in the sky reminding us that everything is a phase. She in an anchor through transitions, change and transformation. Listen and find her! Every day and in every phase, even when she’s not visible. Developing a relationship with the moon can strengthen your intuition.  

2. Where am I right now? 

Get inspired to create a daily practice of tracking with the moon. This will help deepen awareness of your rhythms and cycles, and offer insight into where you are currently on the “orbit” between different polarities. Five minutes, tops! Imagine taking a snapshot of your physical sensations, mental and emotional states, etc. and then record it using the New Moon Calendar Journal. This circular calendar establishes the new moon as the starting point for each lunar cycle so that patterns are more visually apparent. 

3. Breathing with the moon

You can consciously embody the expansion and contraction of the pulse of the lunar cycle through your inhale and exhale. When you experience the breath as the waxing and waning radiance of the moon, the pulse allows you to access that same wisdom of ebbing and flowing, building and releasing in your daily life. It can help you get "unstuck." 

4. Honor every phase

Learn about what to honor at each phase of the cycle. Tune-in to the energetics of every phase of the moon and how these show up at different times of your life. Like a seed, the moon also holds the potential for growth and expansion. As it grows, the moon becomes brighter and more full, until for a moment it is completely illuminated, then begins a return to darkness. The end is also the beginning.  




Learn about lunar time, tracking your personal practice with the moon and feeling into the energetics of the lunar cycle. The moon is a beautiful beacon in the sky reminding us that everything is a phase. Watch this short video to explore how you you can incorporate it into a personal practice.

The 2018 edition of the New Moon Calendar Journal is now available. Order yours HERE.

Your calendar is truly one of the best tools I have in my daily practice. It is a valuable part of my morning ritual and I’ve recommended it many times to the ladies in my IGNITE program.
So far, I’ve been using my calendar to track my cycle, my meditation practice, and my hours sleeping. I really do love it and look forward to getting a new one next year.
— Aimee S.