Scorpio Release Moon Mandala Class Download

Scorpio Release Moon Mandala Class Download


The Scorpio Moon Mandala downloadable class contains a six page PDF with two distilled videos lessons that explore the themes and the creative process associated with the Mandala.

Learn about lunar astrology and the intuitive creative practice of moon mandalas for personal growth and transformation.

Bonus Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Breaking Addictions.

This intuitive exploration of materials and intentions will guide you to create a personalized mandala with your relationship to the elements and theme.

“To descend each month with Percephone is to descend into the underworld of the subconscious, to become closer to the source of all life ...” - Miranda Gray, Red Moon

Prompts: What is really going on? What else is possible? Draw an oracle card for each prompt and see what imagery you wish to bring into your mandala.

Intention and affirmation: I have an internal source of power that is renewed through release. I make space for grief when I feel disconnected from source. 

Questions before you purchase? Digital class downloads are non-refundable.

Once you download the materials, you can keep them on your computer or device forever :) and keep coming back to the lesson.

Enjoy the process!

xo April

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