Moon Mandala Class Download

Moon Mandala Class Download


The Yin Yang Moon Mandala downloadable class contains a seven page PDF with three videos each under 20 minutes that explores the themes and the creative process associated with the Mandala creation.

This intuitive exploration of materials and intentions will guide you to create a personalized mandala with your relationship to the elements and theme.


What is my highest expression of Yin lunar energy? Of Yang solar energy?

  • How does Yin want to be expressed through me? Yang?

  • What is blocking the flow of Yin in my life? Of Yang?

  • Using the inquiry questions, consider pulling two oracle cards: one for Father Sky (yang) and Mother Earth (yin).

This class was created around the Spring equinox and can be practiced at any time of year!

Questions before you purchase? Digital class downloads are non-refundable.

Once you download the materials, you can keep them on your computer or device forever :)

Enjoy the process!

xo April

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