Libra Moon Mandala Class Download

Libra Moon Mandala Class Download


The Libra Moon Mandala downloadable class contains a seven page PDF with three distilled videos lessons that explore the themes and the creative process associated with the Mandala.

Learn about lunar astrology and the intuitive creative practice of moon mandalas for personal growth and transformation.

Bonus Kundalini Yoga Meditation for balancing the Solar and Lunar energies with the breath.

This intuitive exploration of materials and intentions will guide you to create a personalized mandala with your relationship to the elements and theme.

“The essence of the Libra archetype is about transcending dualistic thinking into oneness consciousness where we experience the cosmic dance of stable and flowing energies.’ - Guru Rattana

Prompts: What is my relationship with balance? What helps me not ‘lose’ myself in partnership? How am I developing my connection with solar and lunar energy as they are expressed through me?

Intention and affirmation:  Perfect balance is an illusion, life is a balancing and rebalancing act.

Questions before you purchase? Digital class downloads are non-refundable.

Once you download the materials, you can keep them on your computer or device forever :) and keep coming back to the lesson.

Enjoy the process!

xo April

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