2020 Wall Calendar

2020 Wall Calendar


Limited edition 2020 Moon Mandala Wall Calendar is a beautiful companion to the New Moon Calendar Journal and an easy way to start aligning with the lunar cycles.

“Nurturing what is yet to become, creating something out of nothing … Creative life is a spiritual practice.” - Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The power of this calendar comes from connecting you with the rhythm of the moon and your personal rhythms. Notice what shifts occur when you align with lunar time as you navigate the creative forces of constant change. This is a dynamic relationship that continues to deepen over time.

It's really difficult to have an awareness of cycles when using the Gregorian calendar. The moon has always marked the passage of time. May we remember our connection and place in the circle.

This radiant full color wall calendar contains 12 lunar cycles, each featuring mandalas paired with the season and astrological sign. The 11x11 inch circular calendar pages are simple and uncluttered, with room to record words and symbols to plan and reflect on your experience.

The 2020 edition spans December 2019 to the new moon in December 2020 and is printed in the USA​ on Mix paper from responsible sources.

Creativity is the ability to catalyze change, to move through blocks and feel alive. May the mandalas in this calendar speak to your soul and awaken your creative fire.

Original artwork created and generously shared by radiant lunar beings from around the globe. Each mandala represents a unique moment in the artist’s life and holds the energy from the intentions that gave it shape.

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