The New Moon Calendar Journal is a simple yet groundbreaking tool for aligning with inner and outer cycles, tracking daily health and wellness, and bringing your intentions to life. The moon is a beautiful beacon in the sky reminding us that everything is a phase. 

Charting and recording your experience within a circular lunar calendar shifts your relationship with time and how you experience the many transitions in life. Your own patterns become illuminated in a new light. You are held within the embrace of a circle as you start new practices, break old habits, and continuously cycle back to your foundational needs for stability and growth.

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It is really difficult to have an awareness of cycles when you are used to seeing time as a grid on the Gregorian calendar. This linear calendar model sets up a framework that demands constant productivity, potentially leading to burn-out and the illusion that life is a straight line from point A to point B. Growth is a cycle, and this calendar supports connecting with cyclical patterns.

The moon is a brilliant teacher who reminds us that each stage of the process of unfolding is necessary and has value. When you bring your awareness to natural cycles and those of your own body, you begin to see connections, patterns, and potential. You are nature.

I am really digging the connections and awarenesses that I find growing as I continue to use this calendar. I knew I would enjoy your creation but I had no idea how deeply it would help me connect to both the cycles of the world around me and my own cycles as well. What a gift!
— @megan_gnekow



This circular calendar establishes the new moon as the starting point for each monthly cycle. You perceive time in relation to nature more clearly this way, and patterns in your own experience become more apparent. 

  • Record and track your emotional, physical and creative cycles over time

  • Deepen your connection to natural cycles and expand your practice of self-awareness 

  • Shift your perception of time as linear and connect with lunar cycles

The New Moon Calendar Journal provides a space to track your own cycles of growth and transformation, helping you align with natural cycles of time as well as visualize and record your place in these cycles. 

I want to thank you for the beautiful journal and for all of your thoughtful messages over the past few weeks since ordering. The incredible care that you put into your work means so much too me. I look forward to using my journal and am so thrilled to have a second one to share. I have a dear friend who I know will love it!
— Lara
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working with the New Moon calendar journal


"Tracking my moods and cycle have been life changing. It has allowed me to see and tune into my feelings and when I need some extra self care and love."

"It's pretty incredible the way the moon's energy affects me; it's not something I truly anticipated when I started journaling. I discovered that I become incredibly irritable and short with others in the handful of days leading up to a full moon. I focus my meditative practice during that time to channel my energy towards being empathetic and patient."

"I am beginning to see that the intentions I set can manifest when I attend to them. Life really is a garden!"

"I am very hard on myself. I feel like I'm never doing enough or making any progress in the things I want to do. Through using the new moon calendar I have realized how much I go through in a cycle. I am giving myself more credit for what I do accomplish and am learning to be kinder to myself when my goals need more time. I have also seen how much of my energy I give away to others and have been making more space for what I need to nourish myself."

"At the end of the cycle I seem to automatically know what the next cycle will be "about". I've journaled for years, but it's so nice to tie it into my own natural rhythms like this. It's way more meaningful that way!"

dream, create, release - just like the moon


Embrace your natural rhythms and deepen your inner wisdom by using the New Moon Calendar Journal as a part of your personal practice. 

  • use as a wellness log and tool for self-study

  • observe energetic and emotional states

  • support a daily meditation practice

  • track fertility and creativity

  • set intentions and actions towards a goal

  • identify themes and patterns

  • write in astrological data that you find helpful

  • tune into rhythms and cycles of nature

  • balance solar and lunar energy

  • learn when to 'go' and when to 'slow'

  • practice mindfulness and self-awareness

  • experience lunar time as a circle and a cycle

I’ve been completing the calendar with the Fierce Grace Collective and finding it such an interesting and helpful practice. I’m keen to see how this develops over time, so the notes at the front of the calendar look very useful for further ideas about how to use it. I’ve been really surprised at how it has made me look at time differently and feel so much more in touch with life.
— Love note from the UK
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