The New Moon Calendar Journal invites you to chart your relationship to inner and outer cycles as a way to deepen self-knowing and align with your true essence.

Each lunar cycle has six pages to chart your journey of growth, transformation, release, and renewal.

By tuning in to the expansion and contraction of the moon, you can learn to put fewer demands on yourself and not feel pressure to always be “on” like the bright light of the full moon. There is a need to retreat inward to access the source of your being, as well as the need to reach outward to nourish connections around you.


PAGE 1 New Moon Mandala

PAGE 2 Seeds // Intentions

PAGE 3 Circular Calendar

Charting your experience within a circular lunar calendar shifts your relationship with time and how you experience the many transitions in life. Your own patterns become illuminated in a new light.

Page 4-5 Waxing Inhale // Waning Exhale

Page 6 Reflect // Release


You can use the New Moon Calendar Journal as:

  • a support for daily meditation practice

  • a tool to observe changing energetic and emotional states

  • a wellness journal, food journal, or gratitude journal

  • a place to set intentions and track their unfolding

  • a calendar to chart your life and dreams phase by phase

  • a way to track the menstrual cycle and fertility in a circular calendar

  • a sacred space for self-study and deepening self-knowing

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La luna reminds us that change is constant and the opportunity for renewal is available at each phase. Aligning with lunar time can help the body, mind, spirit, and breath remember it's rhythm of growing to fullness and letting go to emptiness.

By setting intentions on the new moon, sketching moon mandalas and tracking your daily experience with the moon - you can strengthen a mindful practice of connecting to your intuition, body, and inner wisdom with the cycles of nature. 

You are held within the embrace of a circle as you start new practices, break old habits, and continuously cycle back to your foundational needs for stability and growth.

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