The vision of Moon Mandala Wall Calendar is to expand the perception of what creativity looks like and feels like, to let go of expectations of perfection and share what is real. You do not need to call yourself an artist to participate. This project is a way to share our lunar connection to uplift one another by offering inspiration for continued growth.

The Wall Calendar will feature the work of 13 seekers, teachers, healers, makers, mamas, and creative lunar beings ... who love creating mandalas with the moon.

Please send submissions to april@themoonismycalendar.com with a signed attachment of the release form: Download HERE.

Wall Calendar 2018_sample page.jpg

calendar draft with image from @rainbowsylvia


Many women have said to me..."but I am not creative."

I want us to change that!

Creativity is an expression of agency, presence, pain, joy, transformation. Art is a visual depiction of a moment in your unfolding journey. As Dr. Estes says, "Nurturing what is yet to become, creating something out of nothing ... Creative life is a spiritual practice." 

I am looking for New Moon Mandala submissions that are:

  • raw, real and perhaps rough around the edges

  • expressive

  • from the heart

  • created in the New Moon Calendar Journal

  • simple or intricate

  • a diverse range of media and style

  • collage, drawing, multimedia ...

  • images and/or words

  • transformational and evocative

  • your unique expression

  • a sensory experience



Please send 1-3 images of your mandala to april@themoonismycalendar.com.

Take the images from above and please frame the mandala so that no part is cut off. The image should appear flat - not at an angle. It is preferred that the file be sent as a jpeg and is at least 4MB in size.

The images should be as high resolution as possible: at least 2500 pixels x 2500 pixels so that it can print clearly at 300dpi resolution as a 10x10 inch image. If this is not possible, send me what you have and we will see if we can work with it.