“As if you were on fire from within.

The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”

— Pablo Neruda

How do you reflect and share your light, your radiance?

This program is designed for women who want to elevate their connection with the moon and take their seeds of intentions to the next level. We will explore the inner and outer seasons and the harvest cycle as it relates to how you make room for nourishing practices in your life to support your vision and be of service.

Being in your group was a really powerful experience for me to tap into my creative energy and essentially my connection to my soul voice coming through in that beautiful way.
— Dharamjeev Kaur

If you are a heart-centered leader, wild and wise woman, entrepreneur, healer, mother, writer, teacher, creative being who is looking for guidance and a container for your experience of growth and transformation, then Lunar Radiance was created for you.

How do you create a structure for your vision guided by the moon?

This mentorship is a deep dive of 8 weeks to explore the theme of: Rhythm, Relationship, Release, Radiance within the context of your work in the world.

Space is limited to four women, and when you sign-up you will receive the bonus of four 1:1 sessions during the mentorship. 

Enrollment begins Spring 2020.

I started to pay attention to what happen in the outside world as well as to my inner world. This allowed me to be more aware of my own needs, to listen to my body, to slow down and increase my quality of living :)
— Anh




This course and April’s gentle mentoring has offered an approach that has guided me toward a greater understanding of who I am. Learning about my own rhythm and reflecting back to the moon has been so grounding and so empowering. It’s an organic process that continuously unfolds.
— PARTICIPANT from winter/spring

When I started (Lunar Radiance) I felt the need for reconnecting to my feelings, to my spiritual life and to a true dimension of being. I was working so hard and I was looking for a softer approach. I gained awareness about the lunar and the feminine cycles.
— Anh

April’s joy around the moon and these practices is so evident in her teachings. It’s a pleasure to be in her presence and to listen to her explain the concepts.
— Julie

It’s a magical way to reconnect to the moon cycle and to yourself, to allow space for the being, to find new insights.
— Participant Winter/Spring

April is a gifted teacher! Her delivery is gentle and organic. You can see her passion in the well prepared, produced materials, and the time she offers to ensure her students have an opportunity to share and question topics.
— participant from winter/spring

Each of the four modules contains distilled content on each theme. You will receive:

  • One short video and audio each week

  • An 11 day lunar sadhana kundalini yoga meditation to anchor and uplift you

  • Two group calls to open and close the experience

  • Support for systems to create your vision, the foundations of your dream (website, mailing lists, online shop, social media).

  • Written materials with creative assignments and inquiries

BONUS: Four 1:1 calls to support and uplift you, including one Moonstory Session and personalized harvest cycle outline

Although a cycle never truly begins or ends, we will bring closure to our experience together by integrating the wisdom that has been awakened. Life is a constant process of renewal and you can keep returning to the tools we will be working with in Lunar Radiance as a reminder of your inner knowing.

If you are feeling the pull of the tides saying YES! fill out the application.

Thank you! Your Radiance and wisdom and moon channeling is beyond divine and actually life changing!!!!
— Alexandria

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