Love Notes and testimonials

I’ve been recommending your website and moon calendar to my women yoga students, since I talk about the calendar and you all the time!
— sarah satya
Love my moon calendar, never want to go back to the grid!
— Meredith D.
This calendar provides a daily anchor for me to check-in and witness the ever-changing unfolding of my life. It is the great truth teller in my life. It has helped me give up coffee, adjust my sleep patterns, and gently encourage me to spend time on my spiritual practices simply by acting as a non-judgmental and gentle witness. I see how I am part of the waxing and waning cycles of the moon.
— Vanessa Sage

I just started using your calendar (recommended by two friends) to help me better understand myself to then move forward in my own evolution and finding peace. I really love what you are doing. I think many people need this kind of practice/understanding.
— Nena W.
Thank you for your spirit of resonance and helping me remember and cycle back to the true self. So grateful
— Jenifer L.
sassy she oracle cards  by lisa lister

sassy she oracle cards by lisa lister

I absolutely LOVE my calendar.
— Michelle W.
So far, I’ve been using my calendar to track my cycle, my meditation practice, and my hours sleeping. I really do love it and look forward to getting a new one next year.
— Aimee S.
Thank you for the beautiful work and giving such a wonderful gift to the world. I received a “divine download” 2 years ago which said, “use the moon as your template” and then “BOOM”, there was your calendar! I am not one to listen to these types of things and I am not what you would call intuitive in any way, but my life has gone much smoother, more in balance, and much more in harmony with nature since I have been using your calendar.
— J. Jim
Oh April! How many many ways it has helped me!!!
— Bronwyn S.
I really love the moon manadala page. It is a little mindful meditation for me at the beginning of the month to take time to sketch and see what my heart is longing for that month.
— Amy D.
mandala from  @peaceable_woman

mandala from @peaceable_woman

soulspace oracle deck  by jen berlingo with mandala by  @mandalasformamas

soulspace oracle deck by jen berlingo with mandala by @mandalasformamas

The New Moon Calendar has become my daily touchstone ... to observe the connection between where the lunar cycle is an how the energy shifts within me. It’s also beginning to bring alive my capacity to use that energy in ways that encourage my planning and visioning for my personal and professional life. In just a few months I’m seeing a true value in my commitment to documenting my experience in this way.
— Caron H.

I have been using it to track the moon and my menstrual cycle for a few months now when I began learning about the moon. It has helped me so much becoming in tune with myself and the cycle of the moon.

I also wanted to say thank you. It is because I found you that I began to look at the moon, notice, search for, feel, and my menstrual cycle and while I still have so much to learn I have been noticing a lot of things that I never did before. You do wonderful empowering work.
— Dayle

I bought your calendar and I am tracking. It is eyeopening!
— Sonja F.
My calendar arrived last week and I was stunned! It’s SO beautiful and I am so excited for this next new moon to hurry up and arrive so I can begin using it. Such a powerful tool!
— Kerri A.
Full Moon Mt D.JPG
The Moon is my Calendar. What a beautiful offering. Since I first got it in the mail, I knew this item was crafted specially for me straight from the bottom of another moon lover’s heart! The first thought that came to mind was: I wish I had this tool when I was a lost teenager spending most of my nights alone gazing at the moon, knowing that she and I had a thing, but Her mystery was too grand to fathom.
— Morgiane H.

...It’s changed the way the shapes in my life move….round and round and spiraling with moon and me. Thank you for your beautiful work!
— Frieda K. B.
I use the New Moon Calendar to record how I am feeling physically, emotionally, energetically and to notice trends. As I get older it is becoming a more and more valuable tool for watching my cycle. I use it to learn about Mother Moon. I use it to remind myself to prepare for the new moon and full moon for cleansing and energizing of crystals and myself.
— Tracy
mandala by melissa fernandez  @wildearthspirit

mandala by melissa fernandez @wildearthspirit

This is a beautiful and incredibly useful tool for tuning into natural cycles. I use my moon calendar to watch the big movements and shifts of my energy and experience—the ones that I can often forget to notice as I move through day-to-day life. When I’m tuned in this way, I find my life has a rhythm to it and I can move through it more easily and connect more quickly with my own knowing and intuition.
— Susan F.