New Moon, Winter Solstice, and midnight represent the points of most darkness. Honor the emptiness, the stillness, the whispers. Honor the unknown. Honor trust, intuition, and inspiration. This is the moment that begins the path towards light.

First Quarter Moon, Spring Equinox, and sunrise represent unfolding and emerging truth. Honor taking action. Honor pushing through the blocks and expanding past limiting beliefs. Honor tenderness and growth.  

Full Moon, Summer Solstice and noon illustrate expansion at its fullest - offering the most light. Honor your radiance, honor the ways you show up. Honor brilliance and clarity. Honor distilling to the essence of what matters most and shedding the rest. This is the turning point towards the path of darkness.  

Last Quarter Moon, Fall Equinox and sunset represent the journey inward. As the moon wanes, honor what no longer serves you. Honor letting go and releasing. Honor digestion, integration and refection. Honor the lessons that will become fertile compost for new seeds and experiences. Honor gratitude. 

The end is also the beginning. 


The 4 phases of the moon, 4 seasons and the 24 hour day represent three parallel cycles with a similar pulse of expansion and contraction. Finding your rhythms means working with the energy of these cycles to tune in to when to be active and when to rest. We are seeing the result of productivity being valued and rest being undervalued.

We live in an “on demand society” where fruits and vegetables are available all year round despite the season, any movie or show can be watched on demand and even soap and water in public restrooms appears on demand. The moon reminds us that nature does not work this way! and therefore neither do we. We are cyclical beings.

How might you use these templates? Play with the circles, redraw them or click to download. Write the words you associate with the season, phase, time of day in each quadrant. What in the kinds of activities you do at those times? Where do you resist, where do you find ease and flow? Notice what begins to shift when you align more with these three rhythms. What is your unique expression of expansion and contraction?