Waning Moon Movement Ritual for Release

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…and just as everything changes
the fact that I change it’s not in the least strange.
— Mercedes Sosa

The waning moon represent the journey inward. After the full moon, the lunar cycle begins to wind down and opens the space of reflectiongratitudehonoringcelebration, at times disappointment, and release.

This phase of life is often rushed over - in the garden it’s when all the crops have produced their last fruit and everything is starting to rot. This is not a pretty time - and many people will look away to avoid seeing what becomes of the flower and fruit once the cycle comes to a close.

And yet it is the composting, the breaking down which prepares the ground to be fertile again.

This time of the lunar cycle is a death practice, it’s a releasing and unraveling so that something new can take form. How you honor this phase is how you clear out the old and make way for something new to arise and be born through you.

It is a time to transition from the more active energy of the waxing phases to the more receptive qualities of the waning phases.  

It connects you with the seeds of your inner wisdom.



What is the quality of your experiences like on the days following the full moon?

Notice the ways that every full moon is different, allow yourself to experience that uniqueness each lunar cycle.

Often things come to the surface around this time: intense emotions, heightened awareness, old patterns, breakthroughs, charged interactions.

The intensity may depend on whether you emotion, physical, and spiritual needs are being met or not.

Ask: What needs to be expressed?


As you begin to practice more self-care around the cycle of the moon, you may sense when you are being called outward or inward.

To process everything that is arising, notice if your body needs more rest or more movement.

When the moon begins to wane, she is releasing light and letting go of her form. It can be a time for reflection and release.

Movement allows things to flow through your body that may not yet be processed, a means to get out of your mind and intellect and into the body and sensory experiences.

After the full moon, it can be incredibly helpful to move, dance or shake in order to stir up anything that may be stuck. This can help it transform into something new.

There is no one way to do this - it could be putting on music in the kitchen while you cook or going out dancing with others.

Here is a movement practice to help you let go, get unstuck, transition, welcome in new inspiration and align with lunar time!


To begin, connect with your breath, get grounded and begin to move with the intention of connecting to your core and releasing what no longer serves you.

Here are some invitations to get you started...

Experience yourself as a form in nature

A tree, a plant, anything that has a life cycle

Allow your body to feel each stage of the cycle of growth and release

Move as this chosen form would move in response to the seasons

Grow and release, rest and begin again


connect with the elements

Winds of change, how can air assist you to shift, express and let go

Water flowing, feeling the ebb and flow, drawing in and extending outward

Fire of transformation, blazing to change forms

Earth stable ground, what is released can be composted back into nutrients.

The poetry of human encounter

Although the practice that I am sharing is not a Biodanza vivencia, it is informed by my experience with this form of healing and movement.

For many years I took classes with Zora Coeur de Roy, a passionate Biodanza teacher in Northern California. Biodanza, or the Dance of Life developed by Roland Torro, is a life-affirming and transformational movement process that is practiced in groups around the world. Learn more about Biodanza here.

There was one vivencia - or lived, shared dance form - that I always loved which was accompanied the song Todo cambia by Mercedes Sosa.

I appreciate how this line gives full unapologetic permission to change

“…and just as everything changes the fact that I change it's not in the least strange.”

I love this song and the freedom of movement, in less than 10 minutes it's possible to totally shift the mood!

Music performed by Mercedes Sosa "Todo cambia"

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