Rhythm of Eclipse Season

Have you ever wondered how and when eclipses happen, and their significance in personal growth and transformation? Watch the video to learn along with the sun and the moon. Share what you learned in the comments below…


The right conditions for eclipses are present about twice a year.

This creates a rhythm for fresh beginnings and an opportunity to connect with the eclipse themes every six months.

During the 2019 eclipse season, you may ask yourself: What foundations are in place to support nourishment and belonging? How is my relationship to work shifting?

What is feeling “root bound” and needs to be loosened up to allow for more nourishment to flow?

What old structures are being outgrown, and how can I tap into my creativity to bring new visions into form?

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Earth is our body and point of reference for the relationship of the sun and the moon, light and shadow.

Syzygy is when the earth, sun and moon are in alignment for an eclipse. This word comes from the Greek word meaning to yoke or being paired together.

When the moon passes over a point on its orbit called a node, it directly aligns with the sun and the earth to create the conditions for a solar or lunar eclipse.

Solar eclipses are only possible on a new moon.

Lunar eclipses are only possible on the full moon.

The cosmic alignment of an eclipse creates an opening, a portal, an opportunity for a clean slate.

Ask yourself: What is in alignment in my life? What is out of alignment?


In Western astrology, the nodes are the trajectory of the soul's arrow. The south node is the bow that launches you into this life; the north is the target the soul hopes to reach - your purpose and passion.

The nodes shift every 18 months, opening up new themes and opportunities for growth and transformation.

Everyone has a personal north and south node in their birth chart, and then there is the collective nodes and eclipses. Currently the collective north node is in Cancer and the south is in Capricorn.

The ascending node is the north node. Where am I headed?

The descending is the south node. What am I leaving behind?

new moon mandala by desiree cervantes

Eclipse Your Fears Mandala by Desiree Cervantes on the Moon Mandala Wall Calendar

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