Moon Journey

The moon, a guide who teaches about impermanence, the one that grants permission to show up as you are each day, she who seeks renewal and trusts the flow of life. When was the last time you saw her? 

photo by  julia corbett

photo by julia corbett

Developing a nourishing connection with the moon is like accessing your inner guide, daily. Since the moon travels in the day as much as she travels in the night, you must tune in and know her ways. Be surprised and delighted, be disappointed and suffer the longing of a lover gone too long. Where is she right now? Really pause and ask yourself, where is she right now?

Last week I was in the foothills of Mount Diablo for a portrait session with Julia Corbett: a magical afternoon with the sun blazing down before the rainstorms arrived. Feeling the season exhaling with deep signs and release. I wasn't expecting to see the moon because she too was waning, approaching her new moon phase, getting closer and closer to rejoin with the sun.

photo by  julia corbett

photo by julia corbett

To greet the moon in her last days it's necessary to block out the light, to squint around the halo of the sun to see a fading wisp of what is left before she begins her journey again. Searching the blue sky, I imagined the experience from La Luna's perspective. A rock melting into liquid light. Then emerging from the crucible renewed, refreshed, ready.

Can you feel into this connection, as if the moon is attached by an invisible cord, orbiting the earth and pulling you along with her. Leading and letting go. She allows for changes, looks ahead and charts the course after dreaming into the darkness. Having a conscious practice of greeting the moon in the sky can become a marker, a moment to reflect:

what is in front of me, what is behind me, where do i stand in this moment?   

The moon is an anchor, beacon, and beautiful companion on the journey, this cosmic dance that we are learning together.

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