Intentions for Sagittarius New Moon

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.

The new moon is in the sign of Sagittarius when the sun is in that same sign between the months of November and December. This is a season for seeking light when the days are short.

Let’s explore how we can relate to the archetypal energy of Sagittarius in the video below.



Sagittarius is the crescent moon bow of the Goddess Diana and Artemis. She is a hunter, at ease in the woodlands with the wild animals. Sagittarius is free from the limits of society. She speaks with the universal voice. Her nature is to seek light, wisdom, and adventure.

She is expansive and reminds us to travel outward and inward to gain new perspectives. This mutable fire sign is the creative spark, a shooting star, a kaleidoscope of possibilities that seeks unity. She can see the big picture and helps bring the pieces of the puzzle together.

Moon Mandalas #themoonismycalendar.png


Ask: Where are you in your journey, what have you learned so far, and what is the next horizon?

Create a vision board

Ponder the arc of your life

Set a distant goal and take one step towards it

The moon spends about 2.5 days in each sign of the zodiac which gives us an opportunity to experience Sagittarius at least once every lunar cycle.


Dear adventurous and miraculous moon please guide me to take the first steps in a new direction. May you light the way as I discover the spontaneous possibilities for growth and transformation that lie ahead.

Here are some ideas for intentions inspired by New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller

My intuition is becoming stronger and more crystal clear

I find it easy to speak my truth with courage

I practice meeting challenges with an open and optimistic mindset

I need the tendency of making assumptions totally and completely lifted from me

I need all blocks to joy and generosity lifted from my life

I am learning what freedom feels like

Help me attract, recognize, and begin working with a mentor or teacher that will help me in an area I am seeking guidance

May it be so!

Now it’s your turn - What are your new moon intentions for this lunar cycle? How do you experience the archetypal energy of Sagittarius? Share in the comments below…

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