Full Moon Meditation Antar Naad Mudra

Practices for Awareness, Healing, and Peaceful Living

Alignment and illumination.

The full moon is gifted at illuminating what is out of alignment.

So that you can see it, feel it, heal it and move forward.

Over and over.

Arise and subside.

It helps to have tools to stay open as well as grounded during the full moon. This meditation is a key to opening the flowing energy of consciousness. The new awareness will give you the authority to make the right choices to conquer the ugliness of life. You will be peaceful and secure.

Antar Naad Mudra is a kundalini yoga meditation taught in 1993 by Yogi Bhajan as a full moon meditation. It can be practiced solo or in a group.


Steps for practicing this meditation

This video shows a couple rounds of the meditation. Coordinate movement with sound. When the palms turn downward the backs of the hands should touch in a reverse prayer position.


Begin by tuning in with the mantra: Ong namo Guru dev namo to call upon the divine wisdom and the teacher within.

Antar Naad Mudra

The sounds of this mantra give mastery and impact to your words. The cycle of the music and the mudra is key to opening the flow of energy and opening the chakras.

If it is not a full moon, this sound current can be practiced with hands resting on the knees in Buddhi Mudra with thumb and pinkie touching.

Mantra in Gurmukhi:

Sa Ray Sa Sa, Sa Ray Sa Sa, Sa Ray Sa Sa, Sa Rang

Har Ray Har Har, Har Ray Har Har, Har Ray Har Har, Har Rang

Sa is the Infinite, the totality. It is the element of ether. The origin, the beginning.

Har is the creativity of the earth. It has the power of manifestation, the tangible, the personal.

The sounds in this mantra are woven together the project through the sound ung, complete totality brining peace and prosperity.

Mudra and Movement: 

Put the hands flat together in Prayer Pose at the Navel Point.

As the mantra starts with Sa Ray Sa Sa start to bring the palms up the center front of the torso, about 4·6 inches in front of the body.

As you pass the Heart Center, begin to open the hand mudra to make an open lotus by the time the hands reach the level of the Brow Point.

The open lotus has the base of the palms together. The little fingertips touch, the thumb tips touch, and the rest of the fingers are spread open.

As the mantra begins Har Ray Har Har turn the fingers to point down, with the back of the hands touching.

It is a reverse Prayer Pose. Slowly bring this mudra down the chakras in rhythm with the music until the fingertips reach the Navel Point on the sounds Har Rang. Then turn them around and begin again.

Time: 11 - 31 minutes.

Meditation description from 3HO

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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