Following Your Moon Thread


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Sitting on a sloped rock in the mountains of Northern California, I asked a question of the Story Medicine Tarot about how to move through a fear I was experiencing. Working with this deck is like talking to a soul sister. Much like developing a relationship with the moon, these cards wink at me with knowing eyes whenever I lose my way and fall into doubt or despair.

Below is the description of the card that I pulled: 8 of Wands


I am the Moon Thread that holds your prayer. I hold you and keep you dear when the winds of change come with turbulence and might. I say do not be afraid, change is always coming. I say, hold on to the thread of your Grandmother Moon.

- From the Story Medicine Tarot by Jessica Zinchuk

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there is a part of me that wants to give up⁣

she shows up uninvited in my thoughts like a temporary power outage ⁣

i have shown her the door a million times yet she keeps coming back with a platter of well crafted reasons to turn around and not go forward ⁣

her offerings taste acidic, like a mouthful of worry⁣

my antidote is to follow the moon thread back to the source of trusting the cycle ⁣

the thread is like an invisible umbilical cord that shows me the way through uncertainty ⁣

a tether to the shore when the tide recedes and pulls me with it out to sea⁣

it’s like visiting a fuse box to reset the switch on giving up so i can give in and surrender to knowing that i will be guided ⁣

over many moon cycles i have become aware of my process of wrestling with doubt ⁣

doubt is a teacher⁣

she visits me when i am at a crossroad and feel scared and vulnerable ⁣

she is the undertow ⁣

the younger sister of fear⁣

she is sad and has suffered many disappointments⁣

she carries the burden of a lifetime of perceived failures⁣

she wants company to reminisce about all the wrong turns⁣

and when she feels ignored she creates a storm so powerful that the lights go out and i can no longer see what is right in front of me⁣

trust is a muscle that is strengthened through experience ⁣

and still doubt tries to take me into her arms and convince me it’s better to stay where i am rather than go into the unknown ⁣

the moon is a teacher who shows me how to not get stuck or paralyzed in the face of constant change ⁣

⁣she lives by the example of her flowing nature  ⁣

⁣yet there is still a part of me that wants to give up when the challenges seem too big to face⁣

⁣i hear a voice say: “be grateful to doubt for trying to protect you from loss, pain, and suffering.”⁣

⁣in the acknowledgment of doubt there seems to be an opening ⁣

now when she knocks on my door i greet her and offer her tea and a comfortable place to put her worries to rest⁣

⁣doubt has taught me that ignoring her and shutting her out only makes her more persistent and anxious⁣

⁣she will continue to wander and grow more desperate until i look her in the eyes with compassion and say:

“i hear you, i appreciate you looking out for me, and i choose to trust that i will be guided through each new obstacle and challenge. some mistakes are necessary for my growth. i trust that help will be there when i need it.”


May you be guided and follow your moon thread to distant shores and back home to yourSelf in every breath.

xo April

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