Align with Lunar Time

lunar time acknowledges impermanence, change, and the spiral nature of the universe. it is both mystical and practical.

When you take the time to notice what phase the moon is in, you honor your connection to natural cycles, the cosmos, and infinity. 



Align with Lunar Time and Find your Flow

In order to deepen your connection to lunar time and learn to chart inner and outer season with the moon, allow the moon to remind you of your natural rhythms, how you pulse with the universe and find your way home, back to center. 

The lunar cycle offers gentle yet powerful reminders that everything in nature goes through cycles of expansion and contraction. Daily charting with the moon helps you tune into the building and releasing energy of each lunar cycle. This simple practice invites flow and awareness into your life. 

Charting with the moon is a catalyst for self care especially during the waning cycle when things tend to fall apart. Here are some moon cycle reflection prompts:

this is how i lose myself ---
this is how i find myself --- 

Describe how it feels when you feel lost or disconnected, what are the signs, inner dialogue, behavior. For example when I start to lose myself, I lose my appetite, for food, for life, etc. 

i feel ---
i tell myself --
i forget to --

and then describe how you reconnect, recalibrate, reestablish.

i begin --
i remember --
i listen to -- 
i ask ---

This is how I find myself: I take a breath, look to the moon in the sky, feel my feet and listen to the song of gratitude in my heart. 

Calendar Journal 2020.jpg

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This simple and beautiful circular calendar and journal establishes the new moon as the starting point for each monthly cycle. By using a circular calendar you perceive time in relation to nature more clearly, and patterns in your own experience become more apparent. It provides a structure for connecting to your inner wisdom and natural rhythms. 

Moon WisdomApril McMurtry