the small print behind the scenes bio for april: 

my name is a month and i was born on new year’s eve. but which new year?  i've been fascinated with calendars for most of my life, and i realized that dec 31st is pretty arbitrary day to mark a new beginning. lunar new year resonances for me as a time when the natural environment experiences rebirth. i imagine that you are also drawn to things that keep you connected to the cycles in nature and the idea that life is an unfolding work in progress. 

i'm a mom to two daughters - they are different in so many ways - but both girls both love being read to. i love connecting with them through stories, and i love children's books - especially elisa kleven and yuyi morales. if i had it my way, all books would be illustrated. something i understand about myself now is that i think in images. that's probably why i studied art history - i got the history part, with lots of visuals! 

the only class i "failed" in college was a p.e. yoga class - i did not want to sit still or stand on one leg. i laugh at myself looking back... i was in a constant state of go, go, go. now my yoga practice is what helps me find my center. 

"my art is the way i reestablish the bonds that tie me to the universe." this powerful quote is by the artist ana mendieta. her earth-body-works made a big impression on my understanding of place, belonging, mother nature, identity and the female body. i began figure drawing in high school and modeled for drawing classes for many years after that - i realized later that those experiences helped me see myself from the inside and the outside at the same time. i wonder if that makes sense to anyone else besides me.

i love that abril and abrir sound practically the same in spanish- april is a time of opening. what is your unfolding work in progress? i would be so glad to hear from you!

shine on

i'm a third generation bay area californian. there was a lot of john lennon records played in my home. my father is a writer, a teacher and gardener. i take after him in many ways - except being bald with a mustache... well, the mustache part was taken care of with waxing and laser - sorry frida i couldn't rock it! oh, my dad also had a lot of e.e. cummings poetry books around - i loved to get lost in those necklaces of words on the page - hence the appreciation of lowercase letters, run-on thoughts and unconventional punctuation. 

this is an early '80s photo of me dressing up as a bluebird in my parents garden, but it could very well be a picture of either of my daughters today.