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The moon is a beacon in the sky reminding us that everything is a phase. Learn more about how this circular calendar can support your personal practice. You can use the New Moon Calendar / Journal to: 

✨Track your emotional, physical and creative cycles over time to deepen self-awareness of your personal orbits (no one is happy and productive 100% of the time) 

✨Choose a habit you wish to begin or an old habit you wish to break and allow the moon calendar to be the container to support your progress (seriously the moon has your back!) 

✨Record daily meditation practice (give yourself gold stars or color-code your kriyas) 

✨Create a nourishing routine of checking-in with where you are and where the moon is in her cycle (you and the moon can become besties) 

✨Set intentions on the new moon to catalyze powerful change (where attention goes, energy flows) 

✨Create moon mandalas to activate and empower these intentions as you move through each cycle (visualize it) 

✨Shift your perception of time as linear and connect with lunar cycles (it's the way natures moves) 

✨Take notes on significant astrological events and see what factors influence your career, relationships, etc. (sometimes the funk isn't your fault) 

✨ Track fertility and menstruation along with your physical, emotional and creative states

✨ Use as a pregnancy log or baby journal

✨ Align with the cycles of nature to make this world a better place (seriously - living in lunar time is one way to get off the grid and be more in-tune with mother earth and your true nature)